One of the hardest thing I had to learn was to trust in god. It’s hard not to stress out or over think stuff,especially when it’s hard to see the better picture.

     There’s was so many times that I would drive myself insane trying to come up with a solution, it’s like the more I will try to fix it the more I’ll mess things up ,& the more I’ll keep on trying the more my back will be against the wall . 

   My mom always told me,leave it all in gods hands,pray about it,& just leave it in his hands,She will always tell me whatever you do never stop trusting him and more importantly never stop worshiping him,NOMATTER HOW BAD IT MAY SEEM,NOMATTER HOW MUCH YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP,NEVER STOP! 

    I know that this is hard ,believe me I know,and I am by no mean perfect I still fail him and sometimes I doubt,but as soon as I catch my self I have to be humble and remember he is GOD, He knows better than me and he knows me better than I even know myself! I know he wouldn’t give me something I can’t handle.  So I will continue to pray, I will continue to thank to him and thank him,not only for my ups but for my down also . 



Love is worth it

There’s no better feeling than being in love! Especially in love and happy,I know that the meaning love these days are so rare.

   Everyone has a different meaning to it,&&& the sad thing about it  is 96% of it is all negative  thoughts,But I can tell you from my   Experience,it’s a wonderful thing.

    Yes there will be hard times,and yes there will be tears and heartbreak,but don’t let that make you run away! I promise it’s all worth it at the end. You will find the perfect person,who will make you smile.Someone who will be there for you no matter what,and you will be the happiest girl ever!



This is for everyone/anyone having a tough time.

I know it feels like there’s nothing worth living for,like there’s no point in trying,like everything u do is wrong. 
It’s like nomatter how much you put your all,and no matter how much you try,you can’t get it right. 
&&& no matter how much you force that smile on your face and how much you act like you okay,your still dying inside. 
I’m here to tell you don’t give up!!! Because no matter how much you think no one cares or how much you think no one love you,there’s someone always thinking about you ,always praying for you and always asking god to watch over you. 
I promise you better days will come, So I beg you please hold on….you are so much closer then you was yesterday…soon you will feel the sun again and soon you won’t have to fake your smile.I promise you God is listening to your prayers at night,and I promise you he got you.just hold on a little longer, Please just hold on !!!!-Brenn